Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pez Outlaw Wins 2 Awards #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Pez Outlaw Diary covers the character of Pez Outlaw from 1994 - 2003.
Notes From The Asylum covers Pez Outlaw from 2003 - 2017.  

Pez Outlaw Story wins 2 awards. So now I get to say Multiple Award winning Pez Outlaw Story.
Jeff Maysh just won 2 awards for his Pez Outlaw story in the April 2015 Playboy.
Congratulations to Jeff, well done. 
Link to Jeff's story

I just turned 65 a week ago n contemplation seems to be the in thing for kids my age.
I've been working on telling my story for 15 years now.
The reward if it happens will break down to roughly $10,000 per year.

I'm really not complaining, to the contrary, without the interest of 2 people I'd still be ranting away in obscurity.
I'm grateful and very happy for Jeff.

It's not like I had a choice but I do wonder if my last 15 years were well spent.
If my true goals are achieved, then yes it was worth it, but I mean Jesus was it a long fight.

The Goals.
A Pez Outlaw Movie.
A Pez Outlaw Book "co-written by Jeff Maysh n I".
Pez Corporation makes restitution because they feel it's the right thing to do.

Then who knows maybe 

Notes From The Asylum - self explanatory...

The Cereal Box Price Guide Book...

The Barrel Book - how to on horse feeders etc ...

Princess Puddy n The Golden Bowl - childrens book...  

So now we wait. 

Tractor n Dirt time, gotta go.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary