Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Catch Me If You Can

1995-1996 less hair n all white now
At a point after Pez Corporation destroyed my company through Fraud, I realized I had one thing left to sell and that was this story. So I became a writer. 

So what actually happened? 

Pez Corporation agreed to make $250,000.00 worth of special pez for me. To qualify I had to buy another $250,000.00 worth of product, so 1/2 million total. Then Pez Corporation intentionally reproduce the product to launch there new website. The intent by Pez Corporation was to destroy my company.  I will never come out of the shadows again.

15 years later, I have to admit i'm still very angry with Pez Corporation about the Fraud they committed that cost Kathryn n me our life's savings.

I want to thank Google for offering this space that for me leveled the playing field. How else would a person like me with no money ever be able to fight back against a BIG International Corporation like PEZ. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Google for anything that ever comes from all this.

Rough timeline. Third week of March, subscribers get early edition of magazine. Last week of march, occasionally playboy put a feature online to promote the issue. Newsstand will be last day of March
Is Playboy distributed in; Austria, Germany, Hungary. Ukraine, Russia, China, Japan etc? Pez Outlaw Diary has a very good readership in the Ukraine n Japan was in 1990s very good to my pez business. So I hope they get the April issue of Playboy. Austria, Germany and Hungary are self explanatory. China, because a lot of pez are now made there, thought they might enjoy reading about a company they are in business with.

from Brent Pez Johnson
Brent Pez Johnson Argentina (1985–1995, 2006–) Austria (2012–) Brazil (1975–) (see Playboy (Brazil)) Bulgaria (2002–) Colombia (2008–) Croatia (1997–) Czech Republic (1991–) Estonia (2007–)[58] France (1973–) Germany (1972–)[59] Greece (1985–) Hungary (1989–1993, 1999–) Israel (2013-)[60] Italy (1972–2003, 2008–)[61] Latvia (2010–)[62] Lithuania (2008–) Macedonia (2010– )[63] Mexico (1976–1998, 2002–) Moldova (2012–)[64] Mongolia (2012-) Netherlands (1983–) Philippines (2008–)[65] Poland (1992–)[66] Portugal (2009, 2012–)[67] Romania (1999–) Russia (1995–) Serbia (2004–)[59] Slovakia (1997–2002, 2005–) Slovenia (2001–) South Africa (1993–1996, 2011–2013)[66][68] Spain (1978–) Thailand (2012–) Ukraine (2005–) United States (1953–) Venezuela (2006–)

very cool. thanks brent . 

Austria and Hungary will be especially fun. Don't forget folks if you are ever in Gyor Hungary, don't miss a stay at the Raba Hotel. A real exciting piece of Pez Outlaw history, I bagged probably 100,000 pez dispensers there. If you ask I bet the Raba would let you stay in my old room, northwest corner room, 3rd floor with balcony.

The Yellow House was approximately 1 mile south of the Raba Hotel, the other side of the railroad tracks. Gyoroplaste is just a couple miles west on main drag. I loved the Raba, it's the only place I stayed or would in the future.  I spent roughly 250-300 days at the Raba Hotel over 8 years.

Other Books By Pez Outlaw/sj glew
The Cereal Box Price Guide
Princess Puddy n The Golden Bowl
The Barrel Book
Used Dogs

like brent pez johnson said. Eventually someone has to clean up the predecessors mess.

Three things surprised me while writing Pez Outlaw Diary.

The first being that in 1998 buying pez for what became the Color Wars I spent $471,950.00 on Pez dispensers. The second surprise was that over an 11 year period of selling Pez I earned $4,530,899.00 in Gross Sales. Then lost it all in the Pez Color Wars. The third thing that surprised me when I realized it was. For approx 3 years by default I ran Pez USA. The reason I say this is for 2 to 3 years most of what Pez USA did was in direct response to what I was doing.

pivotal moments
When life handed me my first pivotal choice, I said yes. I saw something and moved on it with everything I could muster. That first pivotal moment for me was in 1994 when I decided to start traveling to Europe buying Pez. Over 70 trips later the hobby had been changed, all hinging on that one decision to go. Decisions accompanied by actions impact events. 

My second pivotal decision to go forward with the Holiday Colors also had a huge impact on myself & the Pez Hobby. This time, not so good.

The third big pivotal decision for me was when I decided to write Pez Outlaw Diary. Everybody told me. Don't write this, just let it go. How do you let something like this go?

Targeted By Pez Corporation. Pez Outlaw Diary. PEZ Corporate Fraud, Dishonesty, Betrayal, Envy n Greed.

The Charges
Pez Corporation Committed a $250,000.00 Fraud through Breach of implied Contract.
Pez Corporation used a clients ideas to destroy that clients business.
Pez Corporation used there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation sold then devalued there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation initiated a smear campaign against there own product once a client bought that product.
Pez Corporation manipulated the price n value of there own product to destroy a client.
Pez Corporation destroyed a client then used that clients ideas for over 10 years to profit.

My Sins

I conceived n sold the first Crystal (clear plastic) Pez Dispensers.
I conceived n sold the first Glow in The Dark Pez Dispensers.
I conceived n sold the first Holiday Colors (you know them as the copies Misfits) Pez Dispensers.
I sold the first 2 Bubble Boy Pez Dispensers after Pez initially abandoned him. Which by no coincidence is why he exists today.
I brought an entire group of C class trucks (pink, yellow n orange cabs, black stems) to the USA.
I brought almost every Black Santa in collections today to the USA.
I brought almost all of the original Pink Bunny Pez to the USA.
I imported the entire initial group ( approx 250,000 ) Pez Body Parts to the USA.
I imported almost all of Aral, Shell Oil, BP gas, Pilots, Mariners, Alpine boys n all color variations to the USA.
I imported almost all of the Santa n Easter with body parts to the USA. 
I created the California Pez Convention.
I Reduced common Foreign Pez prices from $25.00 each to $5.00 each. 
I Reduced recently discontinued Pez at $50 n $75.00 each to $10 to $25.00 each.
I bought n sold more pez in 1990s than any other dealer (even if you combined top 3 dealers), over 2 million.
I am the only person that large groups of Pez are known as sj glew Pez.
The First Pez Website ever was created with copies of my pez, with the sole intent to destroy me.
To say I had an impact on the Hobby of Collecting Pez is a very big understatement. 
The above list is nowhere near everything. 

The Reason Pez Corporation Targeted Me.
For approx 3 years by default I ran Pez USA. The reason I say this is for 2 to 3 years most of what Pez USA did was in direct response to what I was doing.
For 3 years I was the largest Pez Dealer in the world.
Over an 11 year period of selling Pez I earned $4,530,899.00 in Gross Sales. Then lost everything in the Pez Color War
For 10 years I traveled to Europe almost every month buying Pez. Spending just under 1  million dollars.

I smuggled roughly 1.5 million pez dispensers into the USA from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia n Canada. Over 700,000 pez were hand carried by me personally between Europe and the USA.

Total Amount of money spent buying Pez worldwide, well over 2 million dollars.
I operated in an underground black market Pez economy for 10 years. Making me a Pez Outlaw. A man on the run with a giant bulls-eye on my back. 
Countries visited buying Pez included; Canada, Australia, Austria, South Africa, Spain, France, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and Sweden.

Spies, Black market deals, smuggling and Bribery. 
10 years, Nobody could catch me.

Gun Towers, Armed Guard Check Points, Military Equipment on Tarmacs at Airports n Hookers almost everywhere you turned. FYI the Hookers were anything but shy. Five or six on the roadside as you drove by, one out of five would be flashing you, lifting her shirt as an invite. At a roadside food-stand one Hooker was wearing, we'll call them trousers, so sheer that she might as well have been wearing nothing. Add to that the always present groups of Gypsies
n bubba you got a story.

Everywhere I went people on the hustle with a recent jolt of freedom. Eastern Europe was to me a real contradiction. Remnants of the old oppression side by side with the new energy of a fresh batch of entrepreneurs. My timing could not have been better, the perfect marriage of an idea, the will to act on it n the environment for it to be possible.

When you click one of the advert on this page, that is how I earn money for writing this.

If The Legend of Pez Outlaw were ever made into a movie, here's how I'd start it.

Opening shot. Joshua n I tucked up on a tiny prop engine plane Austria to Slovenia, with an overweight male stewardess falling all over us handing out Tupperware sandwiches. The tiny plane violently bouncing around over the Alps.  

Wardrobe. Me in my Trench Coat n Midnight Blue Velour Track Suit, clutching a paper towel in my left hand for security, true story. On the flight from the US to Europe I would not let the Flight Attendants take my coat as I did not trust anybody. 

To the writer. Sitting in my seat on that flight to Slovenia is where I'd have my character reflect on how he ended up here, sure he was about to die. The whispered word "Kolinska" that led me to that moment in time. From 1970 to 1990 I had been an accumulator of things old, from 1990 to 1994 I started doing antique n toy shows as a seller. During 1993 I started selling Pez from Canada, which led to the decade that changed my life's direction forever.

The tiny car we rented in Slovenia n how we had to almost push that thing through the Austrian Alps, because there was no way in hell we were ever gonna get back on that tiny plane out of Slovenia. We drove that tiny car from Ormoz Slovenia all the way to the Airport in Germany.

Driving that tiny car from Slovenia through Austria, The Slovak Republic, Hungary, The Czech Republic, ending up in Germany for our flight home. Using Maps n locals, one of whom happily climbed in the car (his idea) to show us where to go. An elaborate goose chase that ended at a shoe factory not a Pez factory. Border patrol guards going through our luggage n openly stealing items. The strongest images of Eastern Europe from that first trip were lots of Machine Guns Tanks n Armored Vehicles on tarmacs at airports n borders. That's probably why I'd call that First trip Bullets Over Budapest.

The stories of Gypsies, Prostitutes, clandestine meetings, Bribes, smuggling in plain sight, my own version of the Wild Wests Hole In The Wall being The Raba Hotel in Gyor Hungary n how Pez Corporation would have killed to know that location. How the staff at the Raba literally guarded my privacy. How my movements resemble a covert agent more than some Redneck buying Pez. 

For a few years I lived beyond my wildest dreams. Went from an average of $30,000/$40,000 a year to almost a million one year. My ride was mind blowing. I went from not really having left Michigan to traveling to Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Paris n Hungary. My fall was no less of mind blower, followed by an over 10 year deep depression.

I started my Pez adventure with under $4,000.00 cash, a tax return n what I could scrape together at the time. Over the next 11 years I turned that $4,000.00 into 4.5 million dollar gross sales. In 1998 Pez Corporation committed Fraud through Breach Of Implied Contract which eventually led to my near Bankruptcy.

The reason all of this was possible was the Corporate structure of PEZ. In short it was flawed n I found an almost legal way to exploit vulnerabilities within Pez Corporate structure n policies. I moved fast n relentlessly at these flaws n vulnerabilities. Legally Pez Corp could not do much n if they could have they could not catch me. This drove the then President of Pez USA to be reckless, forcing Pez Europe to commit FRAUD through Breach of Implied Contract.

I never could have done those first few trips with out my son Joshua's optimism n adventurous spirit. I owe any success I achieved with Pez to Joshua n my wife Kathyn Ann for her support n belief in me. Even now after my fall, Kathryn still has faith in me, How that's possible I'll never know. 

Thanks for participating in my ongoing interweb therapy.

Welcome to Pez Outlaw Diary, The Story Of My Decade Long Adventure. 

I felt like I'd been told. "BOY! You need to learn your place."

What does it say about the world we live in when an Outlaw is better at keeping his word than Pez Corporation?  I might have walked a very delicate tightrope between legal and illegal, but Pez Corporation jumped that rope right to FRAUD.

In this life we all have only one thing that is of any value, that is our word. Once given it must be kept. Over a decade ago I promised Pez Corporation that I would never give up on telling the world about there inability to keep there word. I suppose that's actually why I did not declare bankruptcy after Pez Corp committed FRAUD to destroy my little company. I'd given my word to all those people I had borrowed from. Again today I give my word to Pez Corporation, I will never let this go. Pez Corporation you broke your word and I'm not going to let that go. I joked to a young man the other day how you Pez Corporation are my hobby.

The FRAUD by Pez Corporation against my little company will not go unchallenged. I think the decade I've spent fighting speaks for itself and that I will continue this fight. Pez Corporation, I will never let this go.

Every Old Man needs a hobby and Pez Corporation, you are mine. My hope Pez Corporation is that Pez Outlaw Diary gives you as much joy as it does me.

The Manifesto minus the cabin in the woods, although I do like a good cabin in a woods. Who knows maybe I'll build one, how hard could it be. 

All I know is, if you give your word, then keep your damn word. 

The following are surveillance photos taken on the sly by me. For this transaction I paid Gunther Leitner for 50 boxes of 12 carded Silver Glows per box. The driver and I were then told where to meet off site by Gunther.

It Fell Off The Back Of A Truck. 

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Photos are of the silver glow Pez buy. The driver was under orders from Gunther Leitner. I paid Gunther, then met the driver for delivery.

That's me on the left. These are Photos I took covertly while buying Pez.

Covert Pez photos I took. That's me on the right. Tell a friend many more to come.

The Raba Hotel in Gyor Hungary
This is the Raba Hotel in Gyor. I spent well over 6 months here if you add up all my stays over a 10 year period. I loved this place. Highly recommended if you visit Hungary. Last few years of my travels my room was in far left corner of picture. The ones with balconies.

Restaurant at the Raba Hotel. I spent a lot of time here smoking cigarettes drinking espresso & Fanta orange as a chaser. Absolutely lovely place, many fond memories. Table with thingy on it was my table.

The Elvis Cafe.
The Elvis Cafe was this really weird restaurant located at the side of the road. I used to pass this cafe every trip in Hungary. Like I said, If you take the M1 freeway you really don't see Hungary. You have to take two lane blacktops if you want to see a passenger plane sticking out of a building. This restaurant was located about midway between the Vienna Hungarian border and Gyor. I actually stopped at this cafe several times. Had espresso up in the plane and bought several T-shirts.
Elvis Cafe outside Gyor in Hungary. Picture courtesy of Rudi.

The Real Pez Truck
The real for real Pez truck. Parked at the Yellow House aka Hungarocany in Gyor. For all the trucks that have been made and sold to collectors. I never understood why someone did not make the real thing. For me this truck is an icon. This truck is also the reason I thought Gunther was disappointed after we made our first Pez buy. He had them back it up to the warehouse, so once we were done it could be loaded for transport. That buy was early days only a few thousand dollars. What am I saying? I never in 10 years bought more than could fit in a good medium size car. Five duffel bags was my limit. I used to see this truck in Hungary, Slovenia and in between. Picture courtesy of Rudi.

J√°nossomorja  was the name of the town or was it the warehouse where Gunther sent me. All you had to do was spot the smoke stack with Pez on it. then find the roads that got you there. This was the warehouse where Pez dispensers were stored. At the time it was also where candy was made and pez were carded. Like Kolinska in Slovenia. More or less the distribution hub for the old Eastern Block countries and Russia. Gunther owned that part of the world when it came to Pez.
Austria, Traun.

This is the building Where I found Gunther Leitner that day. That's my crappy little red rental car turning the corner. Unlike the photo the parking lot was empty and the main door was wide open.
Below Photo of the Ferry Boat I booked passage on with Silja Ferry Lines in Sweden. Inset is Pez Pal Mariner. 
I arrived at Silja Ferry lines & was allowed to board the ferry & go to the gift shop on board the ship. There I met this really wonderful lady who ran things named Tuula. She said we have about 60 or so Pez Pal Mariner available but you have to be on board as a passenger & at sea before I can sell you any. I told her I really needed a lot of them so she checked & said she had 2 pallets of pez pal mariner at the other port. Off I went to buy a ticket. I booked a round trip, in a Tax deductible high end room. It was a room with an exterior window, so a view of the whole trip. This room even had a shower & a TV. Until this trip the idea of being on a large boat out in the middle of a big body of water left me a little uneasy. After this trip I realized it was more like being in a small city that happened to be a boat.

Pez Outlaw dispenser

Pez Outlaw Diary Is viewed by over 64 countries Worldwide.

To my readers in South Korea, China, Austria, Australia, Belarus, the USA, Russia, Japan, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Georgia, Luxembourg, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines,  Bolivia, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Bahrain, Lebenon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Malawi, Malaysia, Macedonia, Moldova, Malta, Indonesia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Canada.

HELLO! Thank you for your interest. I hope you are enjoying the story. 

The Following Pez Dispensers are just a few that Pez Money bought.

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
A bunch of Pez Pal Nurses
Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
A bunch of Snow White Pez Dispensers

Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Approximately 20 Display cases of  No Feet Pez Dispensers Mint in Cello. Super Hero, Disney etc.
Pez Outlaw - SJ Glew, The biggest Pez Dealer in the world for 5 years in the 1990s. Spent more than 2 million dollars buying over 2 million Pez dispensers. Made over 70 trips to Europe buying Pez, paying bribes and smuggling Pez dispensers. Pez Outlaw had a very big impact on an entire line of Pez Corporate product causing the Pez Color War.  Over 20 Pez Dispensers were produced in direct result of Pez Outlaw activities by Pez Corporation. Distribution procedures in place for decades were altered because of Pez Outlaw Activities. Author of Pez Outlaw Diary.
Popeye Removable Pipe

* Interesting thing about Popeye's pictured left and Mickey Mouse C picture just below left. The pipe for Popeye and Mickey's nose are the same piece.


For 15 years I have been telling you this story. I use real names like Pez Corporation, Scott McWhinnie, Gunther Leitener etc. Do you think I could have done this for 15 years untouched if this story was not a True Story? No, I'd have been shut up legally a decade ago.
I paid for the right to tell you this story with a decade long depression, my wife paid with a bleeding ulcer that led to hospitalization. Our loss at the hands of Pez Corporation gives me the right to tell this story.
Pez Corporations actions towards us are compounded by the fact that they were deliberate, malice was the intent. 
This Is a True story that Pez Corporation must live with. 

To everybody in general and some specifically.
Please forgive me for how relentlessly I hammer away at Pez Corporation. I understand how tiresome it gets. 

The goal of this and my relentless posts from Pez Outlaw Diary is to become a part of the fabric of the internet concerning Pez and Pez Corporation. My hope is eventually to hang Pez Corporations behavior towards my company around there necks forever. To make there actions a part of there history.
I will not stop because an old man needs a hobby, but I just wanted to acknowledge that I also understand that it must get old for some of you.
There are things in life you forgive and there are the things you do not forgive. People very close to me know that I do not forget, once I'm crossed, I do not let it go, ever. 

When I sign my name, I sign it sj glew. The j stands for joshua, there would not have been a Pez Outlaw without my son joshua. He is as much Pez Outlaw as I am. If anything ever comes of Pez Outlaw, I want this known.

Pez Corporations actions to destroy my company and all I worked over 20 years to accomplish, I Do Not Forgive!


If the old version is what you prefer,  PEZ Outlaw Diary UnCut . I just opened it up to viewing. UnCut will remain the old snarky version, meaner than a snake. While the main public version puts on a new face, cleaned up, edited to the bone and makes it's points hopefully just once. UnCut will remain the old Therapy Version, Pez Outlaw Diary @ will become the public version. I will continue my Therapy only in UnCut.

Pez Oulaw Bad Clown T shirt

Pez Outlaw Hats

Pez Oulaw T shirt
Pez Oulaw Pez Dispenser T shirt

Please enjoy reading. If you re-post anything, which I wholeheartedly approve of. I only ask that you link the re-post  to I need people to come here after they read what you re-posted.

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Pez Corporation has made a serious miscalculation in there actions that destroyed 20 years of my labor.

"I can confirm today that I have a journalist on board who I am trusting to tell my story to a wider audience. Watch this space for more details."

Then there is this. We are the little people in life, the ones things happen to and no one ever hears about it, because our voice can not be heard. I decided out of stubbornness and ignorance that by god this time it would be different. 

april should kick off one of the biggest series of events in pez history. if all goes to plan.
april should only be the beginning.
after a decade in exile. i believe, again if all goes to plan. events of 2015 should make anything i accomplished in the past pale in comparison.
i'm sorry but that's as far as i can comment right now.
see you all mid april. fingers crossed.

My all time favorite movie and actor. Watch this movie then read Pez Outlaw Diary. You will then understand how it all happened and the why of it. I also operated on less knowledge than I'm given credit for. I built everything I did on a small handful of things I knew to be true.